Why Mobile SEO is Important?

Anyone who isn’t already aware of the ongoing mobile revolution needs to start brushing up – as more and more internet users are moving towards accessing their favourite sites, emails and more via phones and tablets than ever. This means, too, that the way we build and promote websites is changing, too – and Google have put changes to their algorithm in place to ensure that anyone providing online marketing London or elsewhere is kept on their toes. Website design London and beyond is becoming more and more focused on mobile SEO – and here at Vital Concept, we’re constantly keeping ourselves up to speed with the latest developments in portable play.

Mobile SEO tools available for platforms such as WordPress allow us to build responsive, flexible sites that allow business who partner with us to actively attract mobile users. Websites which lead with mobile-friendly widgets, social media integration and other related plugins arguably lead the pack – and mobile SEO, as opposed to basic desktop SEO of old, means much more than just targeting the right keywords. It means making sure that users can easily read your content, that your website is quick to load, and that you avoid using facets such as links that are too easily clicked by accident and that you actively avoid overlay screens and pop-up ads. These techniques may have worked on desktop back in the day, but mobile SEO is focused entirely on fast, simple and usable web content.

Vital Concept actively provide responsive design and page speed insights to ensure that we remain one of the most reliable experts in website design London and beyond – and to ensure that each and every one of the websites we build is ready to be easily viewed and enjoyed from device to device. Building a responsive, quick website is easy once you know the tricks of the trade – and we will always make sure that your web presence can be enjoyed on portable devices as much as they can be enjoyed via desktop.

Therefore, if you’re new to the concept of mobile browsing – or if you’re unsure where to start in presenting a website with a mobile SEO focus – let our experts offer you a helping hand or two. Start appealing to portable customers today and call us on 020 8902 9298 – or drop us an email for further information at your convenience. Don’t get stuck in the past – go portable now!

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