Why You Need To Upgrade Your CMS

When it comes to design effective website design London, and managing content via platforms such as WordPress, it is important to always aim for the most effective and feature-rich software available.  After all, you may do yourself untold damage by selling yourself too cheaply.  When it comes to the running of your business’ website, where both reputation and sensitive data are at risk, is it really worth holding out on better software even if it means saving a few pennies?  Here at Vital Concept, while we naturally offer affordable web design to all our customers, we encourage them to upgrade and regularly update their content management systems in order to stay afloat and free from hacking or malicious intent.

WordPress is a wonderfully versatile platform with plenty of widgets, gadgets and add-ons that will both enhance your content and ensure that you are well-protected.  The risk of losing data to hacking or other intrusion is far too great in 2017 – you’ll need a CMS that updates regularly in response to the latest movements in hacking and malicious software.  If you simply leave a CMS like WordPress to stand idly by, never to be upgraded, you run the risk of losing all of your data and even your reputation if the intent of an attacker is malicious enough.  Are these scenarios that you really wish to risk?

Upgrading your CMS will allow you to take on the newest and most efficient features on the market, those of which will likely have been adopted by your competitors – therefore, it is also a great idea to try and stay ahead of the game with a content system that is as speedy, as reliable and as functional as everyone else’s.  You will likely spend an awful lot of time trying to keep up to the pack – and the same should always go for the systems you use and how you use them.

CMS upgrades are available for users to both enhance security and productivity.  Software being developed in 2017 is likely to be focused on reducing the need for hardware exertion and even energy expense – meaning that updating your business web design system will likely be a very good idea if you wish to stay up to speed with the pack.  For WordPress development London with regular updates and plenty of new features rolled out for users to try.

Vital Concept, leading web design company London can get the ball rolling for you – get in touch today and let us see how we can revolutionise the way you edit, manage and publish content for your customers.  Call or email us at your convenience for a free chat about what you’re looking to do with a whole new web design.

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