5 WordPress 4.6 Features You Need to Know About

WordPress has always been one of the most user-friendly and effective web design platforms available to the wider public, and with WordPress development continuing to entice novice and advanced web developers alike, there is much to be said for the 4.6 release, which appears set to make the life of a WordPress developer that little bit easier. Here are five reasons why we think WordPress web design has never been better with the 4.6 release.

Enhanced Editing

If there’s anything that any good WordPress developer could do with more of, it’s editorial support – and changes made in version 4.6 allow for simpler WordPress development in the inclusion of a handy broken link highlighter in the visual editor, and bugs have been fixed with auto saving.

Hints and Tips

Any WordPress developer worth their salt will be happy to hear that stylesheet and script editing is now even simpler with the introduction of suggested resource hints, meaning that the platform will work seamlessly with your browser to find the most adequate choices for your script editing – if you’re ever at a loose end during WordPress web design.

Simpler Theme and Plugin Management

With introduction of shiny updates to theme and plugin management, changing your WordPress web design has never been simpler with the opportunity to make thematic or widget changes using an integrated redesign. This is fantastic news for any WordPress developer looking for more efficient and streamlined designing.

Native Fonts

While the introduction of native fonts to the dashboard in 4.6 may not revolutionise WordPress development, they at least ensure that your dashboard and all the bells and whistles load quickly using fonts that are native to your device and operating system. This also makes for a cleaner, more familiar interface.

Smarter Content Backup

While WordPress will always back up any content you produce and save, 4.6 is easily the most intuitive update in this regard. WordPress development in 4.6 is made even easier thanks to smart auto saving, meaning that you will be alerted if your local backups are different to any versions you have saved or are working on otherwise. This may seem like a small introduction, but for many a WordPress developer, it is certainly worth the price of admission.

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