Graphic Design

We help build brands that hold strong market positions through innovative graphic design

 A Different Kind of Graphic Design Company

What is graphic design? Look around you – logos, slogans, even mascots – the ones you remember most are products of brilliant graphic design. It’s all about condensing your business and brand image down into effective visuals that stay with people for all the right reasons.

Vital Concept look at graphic design a little bit differently to other firms – in a good way! Our team of experienced artists aren’t just handy at creating superb graphics and artwork that you’ll remember – they know exactly what markets well, and how to leave a lasting impression. Trust us.

All About You

To be able to create graphic design and visual marketing for you that really speaks to your chosen audience, we’re going to need to know a little bit about what makes you tick. Who are you trying to reach? What are you aiming to do? What’s your long-term plan? Don’t be shy – this is all information that will help us to build the perfect design for your website and your marketing materials.

Our team’s knowledge of marketing psychology coupled with genuine artistic talent have made for some really eye-catching campaigns. We’ll look at how your key audience behaves, what grabs their interest, and what motivates their buying behaviour. On our part, it’s not just a case of being good at what we do – it’s listening to you and what you’re looking to achieve. Graphic design that fails to understand what you’re selling and who you’re selling to is pointless – let’s face it! At Vital Concept, we involve you at each and every stage.

What Do You Need From Us?

We’ll revolutionise your marketing, even if you feel you’ve hit a lull or are just starting out. Let us take a closer look at your online and print marketing so that we can really speak to the people you care about helping. Take a closer look at our portfolio or drop us a line via email for a chat!

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