Cards Be With You

Online Tarot Reading

Cards Be With You is an online tarot reading service. Our client, who provides face to face readings wished for us to create a website that could extend her services to the people who couldn’t be reached. Therefore, we created an e-commerce website where users can have their readings taken in the comfort of their own home.

The user can have their reading done online using the site’s bespoke tarot card function. They can shuffle the cards on screen before choosing which cards they desire. Then the first tarot card is revealed, along with their reading. The user then just needs to enter their email and pay a small fee to have the rest of their reading emailed to them. The website is primarily aimed at people who would like to know about their readings without having to actually visit a fortune teller or pay large sums of money.

Whilst the site primarily focusses on tarot cards, we also developed a services page, letting users know of the different functions they could have if they required a face to face meeting. Also included on the website are links to social media and an online contact form for user friendliness. The site is fully mobile responsive allowing clients to navigate on any device.