Ealing Boards & Timber

Builders and Timber Merchant

Ealing Boards & Timber is a family owned builders and timber merchant based in London. They supply all building materials from the start of a build to the end and deliver all around London. Ealing Boards & Timber came to us to build a static website that displayed what the company could offer its customers and show why customers should go to them and not their competitors. Two areas Ealing Boards & Timber wanted to highlight was the quality of their products and the big-name suppliers they stock. To do this we created separate pages for Products and for Suppliers.

The Products page features in-depth detail of every product that the company stock. The Suppliers page features a multitude of logos of all the big brands that supply to Ealing Boards & Timber. Also featured on the site are links to social media pages. The website has been built with fully responsive technology enabling easy browsing on all mobile, tablet and desktop devices: www.ealingboardsandtimber.co.uk.

On top of our website work, we have also undertaken many printing jobs for the company. They have trusted us to print large scale orders such as NCR’s and notepads, as well signboards to install on their fleet of trucks and lorries. We have produced other printworks such as roller banners and outdoor PVC banners as well.