Fruity Fresh

Fresh Fruit & Veg Delivery Service

Fruity Fresh deliver high quality fresh fruit and veg direct to customer’s doors, made possible with a warehouse and retail outlet. They required a bespoke e-commerce website for their business, where customers could order fruit and veg easily and hassle-free. This was an interesting project for us to work on because the site needed to be as concise yet informative as possible so that the customer can find out everything they are looking efficiently.

Upon landing on the website, the customer is immediately shown a list of popular products which they can find out more information on, as well as the operating delivery areas of Fruity Fresh. It was important to give the website a simple design to let the products and content be attention grabbing to the customer. Once the customer is ready to place their order at checkout there is a delivery slot selector, like supermarkets, based on area. Customers can even add coupon codes to their order for a discount. The site has been very successful with over 200 online orders in the first 5 days. The site is fully mobile responsive allowing clients to navigate on any device: