Smart Look Beauty

London Beauty Salon

Smart Look Beauty is a London based beauty salon. Starting out as a walk-in eyebrow threading bar, it grew more and more popular and within the space of a few years has become a well-known brand in London providing a variety of services such as: laser hair removal, body massage henna and tattoo art and much more.

Due to the variety of services the salon offers for men and women, Smart Look Beauty wanted customers to know everything they could have done by them. On top of this, given the popularity of the salon, Smart Look Beauty wanted to encourage online booking appointments. They asked us to create a CMS website with these features in mind.

We created a website with a photographic-led home page to wow potential customers as soon as the arrive at the website. Included on the home page is a link to book an appointment at one of their salons – Mayfair or Wandsworth. Because Smart Look Beauty is high end, they wanted to show off the interior and décor of the salon and, so we included a Gallery page which highlights the best features of the salon and lets customers know what to expect even before they walk in or have even made an appointment.

When designing the website, we created separated pages for their Mayfair and Wandsworth branches. Clicking on either one of these links lets the customer browse the full range of services the salon has to offer, along with their pricing, so that the customer can choose the service that best suits them. Also included in the website is a Reviews page which takes the user to their Facebook page where customers have given their reviews. For portable user friendliness the site is mobile responsive making it easy to navigate even on the go.