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Ok, picture this – you’re visiting New York, and you want to see the sights. The Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the works. But what if, when you get there, there’s no maps? What if the locals there are clueless as to what a ‘Statue of Liberty’ actually is? Can you imagine the frustration? Think about this in terms of web design – millions of visitors get frustrated every single day by poor websites offering little information or a lack of accessibility. A website that doesn’t put the visitor first is a shameful one indeed – and this is why Vital Concept are all about framing your customers front and centre.

What Do I Need?

You’re going to need a professional web design that not only sells your brand and services, but is bright, eye-catching and provides information to visitors both readily and simply. A successful professional website design is one that focuses on functionality as much as it does on selling your brand. Are your visitors likely to buy from you if you fill them full of advertising jargon? No. Put yourself in their shoes – you’re going to need web copy and functionality that makes each and every visitor feel special, and ultimately makes their lives easier. If you can’t find the information you need within a few clicks, you’re doing it wrong.

How Can Vital Concept Help?

Our team of designers and programmers have a decade of professional web design and sales experience behind them – meaning that we can confidently build you a web presence that’s not only affordable and fully functional, but which also converts your business strategy and ethos into a user-friendly and attractive experience. We work hard to ensure that we understand your exact needs, your audience and your aims – we do this by listening to you throughout the design consultation. Our web designs are professional, easy to read and even easier to control – with the added bonus of a visual sparkle that will really bring visitors back for more.

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