Timber and Builders Merchant

Euroken is a London based family owned builders and timber merchant who also offer furnishings as a service. They supply and deliver a variety of building material across London as well as provide board cutting services.

Euroken wanted us to create a static website that not only showcased the array of services and products they offer, but also show equal importance to a specific service: Furnishing. We designed a web page solely for Furnishings, containing information on what the company can provide for its clients as well as a list of completed projects that Euroken carried out commercially.

Since Euroken receive lots of phone orders, we decided to give emphasis on the customer easily finding their contact information on the website. We designed a permanent banner that appears at the top of each webpage, displaying the phone numbers for each of the company’s branches.

The site also features webpages for Brands that Euroken supply, as this is an area that is important for their customers, as well as links to social media. For portable user friendliness the site is mobile responsive making it easy to navigate even on the go.